Anchor Handling Vessels

Welcome to Sirius Design & Integration, where we harness the power of innovative maritime engineering to enhance offshore wind operations. Our specialized anchor handling vessels are meticulously designed to manage the complex demands of deploying, handling, and recovering anchors for floating structures such as wind turbines and other marine equipment.



We are proud to present our MHCV Concept platform.



We are proud to present our MHCV-XL Concept platform.

An anchor handling vessel, often abbreviated as AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessel), is a specialized ship designed primarily for setting up and retrieving anchors from oil rigs and other offshore installations. These vessels are robustly built to handle the extreme conditions of marine environments and are equipped with powerful engines and winches that can manage very heavy loads. Anchor handling vessels also serve multiple functions including towing rigs, supplying them with necessary equipment and personnel, and assisting in emergency and safety operations. Their capabilities make them essential for maintaining the stability and position of floating structures, particularly in the offshore oil and gas industries and increasingly in offshore wind energy projects.

Pioneering Solutions with Anchor Handling Vessels

At Sirius, we understand the critical role that anchor handling plays in the safety and efficiency of offshore wind operations. Our anchor handling vessels, or AHTS vessels, are equipped with robust technology and systems designed to ensure precision and reliability during operations.

The Role of AHTS in Offshore Wind Operations

AHTS vessels, or Anchor Handling Tug Supply vessels, are integral to the installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. These vessels are equipped with powerful engines and winches that can handle the heavy loads required for anchor and mooring operations. With enhanced maneuverability and stability, our AHTS ships are tailored to operate effectively in the challenging conditions of the open sea.

Advanced Features of Anchor Handling Vessels

Our anchor handling vessels are designed with functionality and safety at their core. Features like dynamic positioning systems allow the vessel to maintain its position with high precision, which is crucial during the delicate process of anchor deployment and retrieval. Additionally, our designs include comprehensive safety systems to protect both the crew and the environment.

Customized AHTS Ship Designs for Optimal Efficiency

At Sirius Design & Integration, every AHTS ship is built to meet the specific needs of our clients. From custom deck layouts to specialized equipment fittings, our ships are designed to optimize the workflow and increase the efficiency of offshore wind farm operations.

The Importance of Anchor Handling in Renewable Energy

Anchor handling is not just about the placement and recovery of anchors; it's a vital part of the stability and durability of offshore wind installations. Proper anchor handling ensures that floating structures remain secure and operational, which is essential for maximizing energy production and minimizing downtime.

Ensuring Sustainable Practices in Ship Design


Sustainability is a core principle at Sirius Design & Integration. Our anchor handling vessels are designed with eco-friendly technologies and practices. We aim to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency, making our vessels not only powerful but also environmentally responsible.

For more information or to discuss how our advanced anchor handling vessels can support your offshore wind operations, visit us at Sirius Design & Integration. Let us partner with you to drive efficiency and sustainability in your next offshore wind project with our state-of-the-art maritime solutions.