• Sirius design
    24/05/2024 - Sirius Design Integration AS 0 Comments
    Values | Sirius DI Makes Headway as a Leading Ship Designer

    At Sirius Design & Integration AS, our values steer every project, collaboration, and idea.

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  • Ship design
    14/05/2024 - Sirius Design Integration AS 0 Comments
    Over 30 Years of Experience | Sirius Design Integration AS

    Sirius Design & Integration AS stands as a lighthouse of ship design and innovation in the maritime and marine sectors. 

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  • News- FSV
    26/06/2023 - News 0 Comments
    New Contract

    We are proud to announce that FSV has chosen our design for its new S&B vessel, the Aurora 500 SD. The design has been developed together with FMV.

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  • Sirius Pelagic Trawler
    06/01/2023 - Concept, News 0 Comments
    Pelagic Trawler Concept

    Together with the shipowner, we have developed the NextGen Pelagic Trawler Concept.


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  • Aurora S&B Concept
    25/08/2022 - Concept, News 0 Comments
    Aurora S&B Concept

    We are proud to announce that Sirius Design & Integration and Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted (FMV) have entered into a new partnership, launching the «Aurora Series – The Future of Stun & Bleed Operations

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  • NextGen Csov
    19/08/2022 - Concept, News 0 Comments
    CSOV Concept

    We have developed NextGen CSOV Concept Design and are further developing these together with customers.

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