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We develop optimized designs within all market segments, driven by customers and best available technology for energy efficient vessels.

Ship Design for a Sustainable Maritime World

Welcome to Sirius Design & Integration, where our passion and expertise in ship design converge with cutting-edge technology to create not only vessels but visions of the future maritime industry. Each design is a promise of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability tailored to meet the evolving demands of the global markets.

At Sirius Design & Integration, we believe that the cornerstone of great ship design begins with listening. Our approach is deeply rooted in understanding the specific needs of our clients across various segments, including fishery, merchant, energy wind, energy oil & gas, and aquaculture. By integrating customer feedback with the best available technology, we ensure that each vessel is not only a product of high-quality maritime design but also a carrier of efficiency and operational excellence.

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Navigating Towards Sustainable Sea

Stern Trawler, Freezing Trawler, Pelagic Trawler, Purse Seiner, Krill Trawler, Prawn Travler, Longliner

In the fishery segment, our designs prioritize eco-friendly features and energy efficiency. We understand that the sustainability of marine ecosystems is critical, and our vessels are crafted to minimize environmental impact while maximizing catch efficiency and safety.

carrier container


Pioneering Solutions for Global Trade

Container / Tanker / Gas Carrier / Bunkering 

For the merchant sector, our designs are synonymous with robustness and adaptability. Our vessels are equipped to handle diverse cargo and weather conditions, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation crucial for global trade.

Energy wind


Powering Renewable Futures

Anchor Handling Tug Supply / Platform Supply/ Subsea / Pipe Lay / Reel Lay / Cable Lay/ Dive Support/Field Support/Rescue/Seismic / Service Operation
In the rapidly growing energy wind sector, our designs focus on specialized vessels that can install and maintain offshore wind installations efficiently. These vessels are designed to operate under challenging conditions, ensuring safety and effectiveness in energy generation.
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Innovating for Safer Energy Exploration

Pipe Layers, Cable Laying Vessels, Offshore Construction Vessels, PSV’s, AHTS’s, Rescue Vessels, WTW Vessels, Dive Vessels, Tugs

For the oil & gas industry, safety and environmental protection are paramount. Our designs incorporate advanced technology to enhance safety protocols and reduce the environmental footprint of exploration and extraction activities.



Supporting Sustainable Marine Farming

Stun & Bleed vessels, Live Fish Carriers, Aqua Service Vessels
Our aquaculture vessel designs facilitate efficient and sustainable farming practices. These vessels are tailored to support various aquaculture operations, enhancing productivity while ensuring the health of aquatic life.

In every market segment, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of maritime design to produce energy-efficient vessels. Our innovative use of materials, propulsion technologies, and onboard systems means that each vessel not only meets but exceeds the standards of energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

At Sirius Design & Integration, we are more than just a ship design company; we are your partners in maritime innovation. Let us help you navigate the future with vessels that lead the way in efficiency, sustainability, and performance. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist in your next project and join us in shaping the future of the maritime industry.


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