Sirius Design & Integration AS is an independent shipdesigner and system integrator of innovative and new green technology for the international maritime and marine industry.

Sirius Design & Integration AS

We have a strong collaborate focus on standardization effect and scalability beneficiary for all parties involved like shipowners, shipyards, technology providers and third parties.

Sirius Design & Integration AS is built on an asset light model, cluster performance, “Can-do culture”, based on trust, courage, and responsibility.

Sirius Design & Integration and FMV launching: Aurora series – The future of Stun & Bleed Operations

We are proud to announce that Sirius Design & Integration and Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted (FMV) have entered into a new partnership, launching the «Aurora Series – The Future of Stun & Bleed Operations».

FMV has developed and built 10 state-of-the-art Stun & Bleed vessels over the past 5 years. These vessels are for 6 different owners, and of different sizes and capacities. But each proves its worth throughout the year. This makes the shipyard a leading player on the market. Through the FMV GoodFish work, the yard can be considered to be in the front seat among all Norwegian shipbuilders with regard to serving farming and the fishing industry going forward. The deliveries in the last decade also include newly built pelagic fishing vessels, well boats and work boats, in addition to conversion of vessels to e.g. snow crab/shrimp fishing vessels and Stun & Bleed vessels.

Sirius Design & Integration is an independent ship designer and system integrator. The employees have broad experience from the design and construction of some of the world’s most advanced fishing vessels. System integrator Sirius aims to raise the standard for maritime and marine operations by combining digital solutions, automation and important knowledge, this results in greener, more energy efficient and profitable vessels.

We believe in the future of Stun & Bleed vessels. The fish farming industry in Norway is gradually becoming aware of the advantages of these vessels and the operators are experiencing the financial benefits. The Aurora designs aim to take advantage of the best fish handling technology and the latest green and carbon reducing technology.

Together with our largest suppliers, and in good cooperation with our customers, we will ensure that the Aurora vessels are made of good quality and perform at a higher level, to the best of the fish farmers.

The designs in the Aurora series contain the best technology in fish handling systems and engine systems, developed using knowledge and experience from the industry. The series consists of three design sizes of approx. 200 m3, 400 m3 and 1000 m3 (RSW tank capacity). 1000 m3 design can also be built as a fish factory vessel, with stun & bleed and gutting functionality.

All designs have been developed with battery hybrid propulsion and shore power in accordance with ICE 80005-3. Together with an optimized hull shape, this will provide extended operation with zero emissions. Each design will be standardized in hull size and shape, but adapted to find the optimal balance between capacity, performance and economy given mission criteria and areas of operation.

By combining «state of the art» competence with the best shipbuilding «know-how», the Aurora series represents a completely new level for Stun & Bleed vessels.

Raise the standard

We think customer first, take strong ownership in our projects and we compete for common success.

We contribute to sustainable design and solutions, enabling our customers to grow safe, green, and profitable.

We raise the standard for maritime and marine operations by combining digital solutions, automation, automated engineering, and domain knowledge.

Green and optimal solutions

Several new technologies like fuel systems will be involved in the green shift. Sirius Design & Integration AS is independent and able to optimize solutions to each project and does not bias to any equipment or systems.

Lean and flexible execution model

Sirius Design & Integration AS offers a flexible execution model with possibility to support shipowners at selected quality yards. We are a lean organization with flexibility, – including cooperation with our strategic partners.


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